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Phone number for ourtime hookup site


This company is not yet accredited.

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Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Unfortunately lots of scammers on OurTime.

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Also the site would tell me I had 4 messages the day after I deleted 4 flirts. I'm Phone number for ourtime hookup site they do that just to get you to log in and be active on the site. I am not happy with scammers. I set my account to Non Renew when my 6 months are up. The dating site OurTime is a scam site, the site sends messages from you saying you're interested in someone.

My membership has had to be reset several times to nonrenewal, and the site sets it back to renew, they scammed my credit card for another month, and my month since I've joined won't even be up for 5 days.

Most messages are from fake members trying to get your email address. I went into this experience with the hopes of finding a stable relationship. The response was of a sexual nature from a male on the site.

The second "Phone number for ourtime hookup site" was actual being told that his profile was FAKE!!! I have terminated my account and only being active on the site for 5 days. If you are serious looking for companionship I would advised looking on another site. With that being said OurTime. If you can't at least be aware of the FAKE accounts it is damaging your brand. The third experience was being asked what I did for employment to a male profile didn't have a photo.

The experience was hurtful and disturbing to me. Very disappointed in the site. You have to be pretty sharp to not get caught up in it, and it makes answering members or reaching out almost impossible.

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DO NOT waste your money with this one. Maybe they will straighten it out, but from what I have learned, it has been going on for a long time. I subscribed on October 31, and removed my entire profile and photos today November 03, In Phone number for ourtime hookup site days all I received were messages and flirts from Scammers and Fake profiles.

I noticed some profiles were hacked, same wording but different pictures. They do NOT protect and safeguard their paid members. This has been a scary experience.

Unfortunately, I cannot give this site a minus zero star. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. The scammer put up fake pictures and profile. He asked for my email to talk off the site.

We emailed constantly for a month. He said he was working in Indonesia and was moving back to my hometown. Of course he was widowed for four years and had a son.

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I looked up his Facebook - I was his only friend. The Facebook information gave a different age. He claimed his income was overI believed him until he asked for money this morning. Even though he claimed to be a millionaire. He told me everything I wanted to hear. I have only been contacted by men who want free sex. I thought that at our age they would have been passed that stage. A few men were obviously scammers but I followed my instinct and ignored them.

My biggest issue is that when I have tried to cancel my membership the site freezes due to long script! I have a feeling that it is designed to do this Phone number for ourtime hookup site that you cannot cancel your membership and end up paying for another six "Phone number for ourtime hookup site." I will now have to cancel the next pay and by contacting my bank.

I joined for a month.

Got lots of flirts messages. Pictures were years old. Lied about everything from age to income. Most claim they makeplus a year. Then ask you for money or they want phone sex. Claim they are so honest. Found one I thought might be interested in until he said he was a one woman man and wanted to try to build a future with me. Next day he was trolling for more woman. As for drama men you got us beat. I have joined OurTime. Well, the first 10 days I was on, I was contacted by 12 men, out of which 8 were Scammers.

I had already did some homework on him and he did not exist. I told him that he was a Scammer and guess what, he sent me picture of a Canadian Military ID Cards which was good but fraudulent, nevertheless! Since, then most of the men that I have spoken to are Scammers, there are some with the same photos, but different area of the city, different age group, etc. Luckily, some were removed but they come back. The Scammers are in abundance in this site and this is dangerous and a time waster!

I have found that the real men are looking for a Barbie even though they are in their 60's or sex. Real Men need to take some time to be nice to women online I don't think that I will renew for the 2 reasons: Too many scammers as there is no type of vetting process. Real men are very unrealistic and after sex. This automatic flirts and renewals are designed for money grabbing purposes. Run some Phone number for ourtime hookup site the pictures through Tineye.

DO not give money to strangers as these men are very clever and unscrupulous! Phone number for ourtime hookup site went on OurTime 3 yrs ago.

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I was a widow and I was preyed upon by I scammer who tried to get money out of me but didnt and then I'd also been talking with another man who I ended up being with for the last 3 yrs who has Narcissistic personality disorder and another mental disorder. And now I see he's back on looking for his next victim. Please beware that these sites attract narcissistic people looking for their next person to victimize control and isolate.

They lie to you. Every move is calculated.

Their love is fake. They mess with your head. They come on strong and push relationships quickly. Place your boundaries right off the bat.

Listen to your gut feelings and red flags. I Phone number for ourtime hookup site I met the love of my life. He took all of my money and had me sell my house with the promise of a wonderful life together. Now I have no savings, retirement or home. I am not stupid. I fell in love. I still do not believe this has happened. I signed up for 6 months on OurTime as it seemed the best for over 50's dating. However, now I have used it for a while I cannot recommend it.

Biggest complaint is that there is no way to see when someone was last online. Most other dating sites have this feature. I believe this is because there are a lot of defunct profiles out there that OurTime uses to pad their user numbers, so they do not want you to have this info.

This is confirmed by the low number of responses I have gotten from OurTime, much lower than any other dating website. There is also no way to bookmark a "Phone number for ourtime hookup site" so you can come back to it, and the site is generally clunky to use and not well designed.

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