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Bell receiver 9242 hook up


Here are the specs for the new system:. The builds on this feature set Bell receiver 9242 hook up some notable enhancements including a favourites list exclusively for HD programming and the ability to output your primary TV signal via s-video and composite video in addition to HDMI, which will make connecting a second recording device like a VCR or DVD recorder much easier. In an ideal world, the receiver would let you watch other media that had been recorded from a different source e.

An Ethernet port could be used to connect the receiver to a high speed internet connection. Bell has just announced the availability of expanded capacity for the via USB 2. Well, I will be installing my first one of these systems tomorrow.

They are nice, but not cheap. Basically just wanted to say I hope that tons of people take the time to read this article, as one of the most frustrating things we run into as installers with these systems was the fact no one seemed to have been told that the 2nd tuner on these things is "only" SD.

Which will still be the case even with the new ones. I was wondering if there is a way to install one of these Bell receivers that have been rented by someone and they owe money on them?

I am looking to purchase one but it has been rented. All of these units are being installed into smart homes by custom av integrators and using the UHF remote for the second zone is not user friendly.

They finally just got the s working half decent. I am not looking forward to all the bugs in this one. My does not work for last 3 weeks. Hi Wayne, I believe the box can Bell receiver 9242 hook up p or i but not p. But that should be ok, since there is no p content being broadcast on any TV service that I'm aware of.

The Bell technician says that we need 2 RG6 cables to feed this receiver. Would it actually work with a single RG6 from the satellite? Hi Simon Thanks again "Bell receiver 9242 hook up" the quick response. I will bring another cable to this receiver. I also eared that some satellites are fed by 4 LNB cables from the head. Are those sill out on the market?

The HDMI port should have been the latest version 1. Maybe that's because the free cables could be thrown in for the old version since they are available at retail of less than a dollar a foot check http: The USB port should have been set up already, at least for backing up SD programs — it will never be done in the "future". This is the same promise that was made with the when it was launched nearly 2 years ago, and its USB port still does nothing!

I have some favourite shows recorded on my with no way to transfer them to Bell receiver 9242 hook up newso I will pass the "upgrade". Andrew, there's no need to provide HDMI 1. Why would it have been benefitial for the to have provided this latest version? To achieve cable compatibility with 1. This does not interfere with the fact that HD broadcasters are not broadcasting in p since the output devices with HDMI 1.

Incidentally, it would seem USB 2. I found this out when I retained my older USB 1. I had device lockups and such, until I upgraded the cables too. Hey Andrew, Are you absolutely sure? Moreover, the newer consumer devices that you mention will be 1. I'm very surprised to hear about your USB difficulties, I have use dollar store USB cables with shoddy build quality and never had a problem with 2. You would have been better served fixing the Bell receiver 9242 hook up you have in the receivers already out.

Instead add another crippled box of bugs to upset customers. This machine adds nothing to your lineup except Mpeg4 somedayand USB and Ethernet give me a break 9 times out of 10 this vapourware never materializes.

Guess they haven't figured out a use for USB or Ethernet whereby a monthly fee could be added to our bills. I agree with the many comments about introducing a new receiver when the existing does not work perfectly.

I have had a for two years and so far Bell has not been able to to correct the problem of sound and picture being out of synch on the HD channels. In addition, when watching a pre-recorded program and pausing it for some reason the sound goes out of synch also. Come on Bell, fix the 's problems first before introducing a new, more expensive receiver.

On Friday, November 16, I had an upgrade done from the old to the new Spend all morning waiting to tech to show up. The Installation went fine. Watched TV that evening and HD was fine. Saturday morning, came back from shopping around noon and turned the TV on. NO SIGNAL Noticed that the receiver was constantly re-booting, ending up with an error telling me that the "smart card" was not compatible Bell receiver 9242 hook up the receiver.

I called Bell and they could not do anything over the week end. I had to come home for noon on Monday to wait for the Tech. After an hour or so, he could not do anything with it. Of course, being a Contractor for Bell, he was not allowed to carry a spare unit in his truck.

New Bell HD receiver, using...

So here we are, waisted a whole afternoon from work to find out Bell will be sending me a unit by Purolator. It is supposed to be "plug and play". Can't wait to "Bell receiver 9242 hook up" that. I should have stayed with the old Never had any problems with it. Hardy McDreamy seems to be happy with Free to air television.

I live north of Sauble Beach in cottage country and have a 52 ft. Would "Free to air" make any sense??

Any advice would be helpful. Bell receiver 9242 hook up spend the summer on the Bruce Peninsula in the area where you live and use a 70 ft. TV tower to receive local TV signals. I did have some minor problems getting the set up with my new TV. I was told by a helpful Bell technician by phone that this HDMI problem was temporary and that they would soon have it corrected, and also that I would get a better HD picture using the component outputs anyway.

In spite of some minor problems with my units I have 4 of themI am generally satisfied with the way they work, and if I do have problems with them, I have found that the Bell phone support technicians are very helpful. The new model may have a few bugs to be worked out also, but it will probably be at least Bell receiver 9242 hook up good as the and seems quite similar except for a few add-ons which may or may not be useful to you.

They have to be programmed as often as every few days from bin files found on the internet to make them work, and when there is no program available yet when they go down, you are without TV until a new program is devised.

Although there are hundreds of channels available when they are working, you would probably not want to depend on this kind of FTA receiver as your primary source of TV signals. I have installed an 8-bay reflector screen type of UHF antenna at the top of my TV tower to receive UHF HD signals from Michigan in the summer months when atmospheric conditions allow for long Bell receiver 9242 hook up reception of these signals in that area.

These terrestrial HD signals are free to use once you have the required antenna to receive them, and although there are not yet any Canadian HD terrestrial signals being broadcast in that area, this will change in the next few years. If you have a good UHF antenna installed on top of your 52 ft. I hope you found this information helpful. Hi Garry, I like and appreciate your detailed description of what is invoved.

I'm not a TV nor computer technition, just an ordinary retired math teacher that watches TV occasionally. In my case, considering your commends, it seems to make sense to go with the HD receiver. Thank you for your time and extensive explanation. So far — brutal Bell experiences. Bell contractor's info is install is set for 12 noon — 5 pm for 1 receiver.

Install's done by Bell receiver 9242 hook up 4: Two days later, exact same problem as Serge above. Came home to find the!! I called Bell and spoke with five different techs for over 1. Only solution is for them to mail me a replacement from Toronto to Vancouver on Thursday to get here next week.

It's Monday xmas eve and I have no satellite tv for a chunk of the holidays.

I'm using a Panamax power conditioner. All components in my system work fine.