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Reinventing your life after 50


Employers hesitate to let go of people who exude these two qualities: Those are the qualities that make someone a terrific addition to the workplace.

The other quality is indispensable. The joy in reinvention is the mastery of a learning curve — forcing yourself to Reinventing your life after 50 on a challenge with confidence. An employee who relishes a challenge, takes responsibility for mastering it and demonstrates the acquisition of new skills will always be on the radar screen of someone to watch.

The way you present yourself to the world speaks volumes about how you feel about yourself. Do you walk into a room and initiate a conversation with a stranger? Are you happy to be you? Invite them to meet with you for a personal review. What would they say about you for a personal recommendation?

Is is too late to...

Write everything down including the negative feedback. Now, just extract the information about what makes you a standout — your social ease, your willingness to help, your amazing courage and put that on a separate piece of paper that you will scotch tape to the inside of your medicine cabinet.

Why is attitude so important? In this anemic economy, employers have the luxury of only choosing people with a stellar attitude, people who groove on their life and make work a blast. When the late director Sydney Pollack filmed a documentary about architect Frank Gehry, every client said the same thing: He was fun to be with.