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Dating antique glass decanters

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Four various design French decanters and claret jug,the jug maked for St Louis, 28 cm to 37 cm high 4. A large set of Venetian glassware circa s, 11 champagne glasses, 8 wine glasses, 4 sherry glasses, one larger glass, decanter, jug.

A fine vintage hand cut St Louis glass decanter, the high shouldered decanter with a navette cut border to the lower register slice cuts to the neck and a flattened conical stopper of conforming design acid etched mark underside, height 25 cm.

A Lalique France decanter and four glasses, "Dating antique glass decanters" half 20th century, engraved signatures to bases, heights Nick mount Australian, b. Kaj Franck Finnish,Kremlin Kellots' Kremlin Bells double decanter, designedexecutedproduced by Nuutajarvi Notsjo, mould blown coloured glass, engraved 'K. Franck Nuutajarvi Notsjo 61', height 35 cm. Two glass decanters by Timo Sarpaneva for Iittala, in a cranberry colour, tapering to a fine spout, etched to base T Sarpaneva - height cm.

A pair Bohemian overlay glass sterling silver mount decanters, early 20th century, height 35 cm. A Lalique France Langeais crystal decanter mid Dating antique glass decanters century engraved Lalique France to base, height Cranberry glass decanter with clear handle. A Baccarat crystal decanterfluted design with a ball Dating antique glass decanters, etched to base Baccarat France, height 22 cm.

A pair of Georgian three ringed decanters with mushroom stoppers. A Rene Lalique 'Satyre' decanter for Cusenier, with satyr moulded handle with reddish brown patination to the handle and stopper, Dating antique glass decanters to rim, remnants of original Cusenier label.

Garry Nashtinted ruby glass decanter, 26 cm high. Garry Nashtinted aqua blue glass decanter, etched signature, 31 cm high. Lalique 'Langeais' decanter clear crystal of both fluted antique columns and modernist architecture, it takes seven glass masters to create this decanter using the time-honored techniques of souffle tourne turned while blown and presse aspire souffle pr. Unusual Stuart Crystal decanter with orange glass stopper, designed by Ludwig 's.

Lalique crystal decanterinscribed to base. A pair Georgian moon flask decanters c. An Australian glass decanter etched with kangaroos, lyrebird and koala, early 20th century, 27 cm high.

A very rare Georgian double Magnum decanter, with slice cut band, 37 cm high. A Georgian three Ringed decanter, no chips, 26 cm. Lalique crystal 'Langeais' decanter the exaggerated, bulbous satin-finished stem of Langeais is in direct contrast with the smooth silhouette of the clear crystal bowl.

Pair Baccarat spirit decanterseach marked to base. Height 31 cm each. Pair of mid Victorian cut glass globe decanters, Heavy Regency faceted cut glass decanter, with ring neck and mushroom stopper, A fine Bohemian milk glass decanter, double bodied in form with gilded highlights and a serpent form handle entwining over middle to lower body, 33 cm high.

A pair of Bohemian flashed and overlaid glass decanters, the first bottle with a whisky labelled stopper, the other with a gin labelled stopper, each bottle with Arabesque inspired motif to lower body, 36 cm high each.


Nason Moretii Murano ruby glass decanter, with a clear glass stopper above baluster spiraled glass body, etched factory marks to base, height 28 cm. William IV bell decanter, A Lalique 'Langeais' crystal decanter, satin finished crystal, signed Lalique France. A signed Carlo Moretti red glass decanter, later 20th century, a bold tapering decanter with a large font to the upper body, a long neck with a black upturned collar and a globular black stopper, dusted and streaked throughout with aventurine inclusions, s.

A large Venetian purple glass decanter, mid 20th century, a tear drop shaped bottle "Dating antique glass decanters" a pulled honeycomb decor, central dimples, one face with a lion's mask, the other with a raspberry prunt, with aventurine inclusions to the prunts, base and elongated. Antique Bohemian etched ruby flash glass decanter, 34 cm high.

Victorian Bristol green bottle decanter. William Clyne Farquharson crystal decanter etched leaf design with hollow stopper, etched signature to base, 28 cm high. William Clyne Farquharson crystal decanter etched Kendal design with hollow stopper, etched signature to base, 28 cm high.

A small Georgian three ring decanter, condition: Amethyst Carnival glass decanter, Dating antique glass decanters no stopper. A Georgian three ring decanterheight 27 cm. Two Bohemian ruby glass decanters with stand, and a vase, later 19th century, slender decanters, one with trailing floral designs on a frosted ground, the other with slice cutting and housed in a plated stand with winged female bust and lion's paw feet; an.

A Clyne Farquharson cut crystal decanter, conical shape cut with a design of leafy tendrils, along with two similar liqueur glasses. A Georgian three ring decantermushroom stopper, height 25 cm.

Three Georgian cut glass decanters, one decanter chip to rim and stopper, 20 cm high, with plated stand. Pair of late Georgian decanterswith mushroom stoppers. Two elegant Baccarat crystal decanters, a 'Tallyrand' cordial decanter of tapering slice cut form with a flat topped circular and notched stopper; and a squared whiskey decanter with triangular Dating antique glass decanters sides and a faceted stopper; stencil marks underside.

A late 18th century Bristol blue glass decanter with pewter mounts, bearing the BADA label underneath, 28 cm high. Stamped to Dating antique glass decanters base. Czech glass claret wine decanter having silver plated mounts, etched detailwith raised ruby detail.

Height of decanter Mary Gregory green glass and enamelled decanter with stopper. Lalique crystal decanter "Dating antique glass decanters," signed 'Lalique France' to base, 25 cm high approx. Salviati glass liqueur setcomprising of a signed decanter Odile' Decanter, designedclear and frosted glass, moulded to the underside 'R. Decanter created for the wine merchant Pierre Weissenburger, Alsace, Franc.

A Dating antique glass decanters three ring decanter with Mushroom stopper, Ht. A Baccarat crystal decanterGeorgian style with Mushroom stopper, Ht. A vintage Baccarat style glass decanter, the globular decanter with a slender neck and faceted stopper, a border of small and large lens cuts to the lower body and slice cut to the neck, unmarked, height Hadeland Norway glass decanter opaque moss green, cylindrical form.

A 19th century silver plate and Bohemian three-bottle decanter stand, the tall clear glass bottles flashed in red, blue and green, cut with grape and vine decoration, faceted sections to the base, long necks and hexagonal stoppers, the English silver plate. An Art Deco Baccarat style spirit decanter, of stylish form with black and frosted overlay glass, geometric patterns and silver neck, excellent condition.

A large 19th century Bohemian overlay glass liqueur set, comprising of faceted decanter "Dating antique glass decanters" silver neck, spire stopper and eight Roemer style glasses. All with wheel engraved figure and scroll scenes. Pair of good Georgian cut crystal decanters, height 25 cm approx.

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Pair of Georgian cut glass decanters, height 24 cm approx. Good Georgian amber cut crystal decanter, height 26 cm approx. Pair of Georgian 'Ring Neck' decanters with bull's eye stoppers.

A Murano Venezia Aqua glass round decanter, height 15 cm. An Orrefors decantercircaof Dating antique glass decanters tear drop form with an elongated stopper, paper label to the body and etched marks underside.

Two Baccarat decanters with Georg Jensen Stoppers, with a sterling silver mounted claret jug and silver plate mounted water jug, 4. A Georgian decanterthree rings to neck and decoratively cut body, mushroom stopper. A fine Murano glass bottle vase decanter, second half 20th century, the slender ribbed handblown vase with contrasting clear and opaque white canes and narrow ribbons of cased copper aventurine, with a floriform rim and surmounted by blown glass stopper wi.

A fine Murano glass bottle decanter with Bold stopper, Dating antique glass decanters half 20th century. Bohemian glass decanter and six stemmed glasses, with gilt and floral decoration.

A boxed Flynn silver mounted Orrefors crystal decanter, with a naturalistic silver collar to the neck and a small platypus mount to the base and stopper, maker's marks to the base, signed Orrefors, A Victorian ruby glass decanter Dating antique glass decanters, 19th century, 25 cm. A pair of Baccarat crystal Ship decanters, mid 20th century, the elegant clear pair of typical compressed form with bull's eye stoppers; acid etched mark of post war period underside to both.

A pair of Bristol blue glass decanter and six glasses, 19th century, the decanters each 31 cm high. A 's Italian Venetian glass decanter set, with six glasses, etched glass with gilt tonings.

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An Orrefors crystal ships decanter. A Baccarat crystal Whiskey decanter, of square form with angular panels, signed Baccarat. Condition, good, minor wear to the base, height, Condition, good, minor wear to the base, height, 27 cm. A pair of Victorian glass decanters. Two late Georgian one-ring decanters, a cut crystal carafe and spare stopper 4.

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