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Signs you should take a break from dating to engagement


You seek a distraction from your real life problems. You want to date someone new to block out your problems.

You just went through a breakup. You overthink too much.

Taking a break from dating...

You are obsessed with getting into a relationship. Every person you meet and talk to, you see as boyfriend potential. You fall in love easily.

9 Signs You Need to...

Today you think you really like him, yet when he ignores you the next day, you are quickly drawn to another. You use intimacy as a gauge of whether he likes you. You think friendly hugs and kisses mean something to him like they do to you.

11 Signs You Need To...

You lower your standards. You use dating as a means to move on and forget about them.

You let dating take priority in your life. You spend countless nights going out on dates and fretting over dating. You allow yourself to be defined by your single status. You make yourself too available for him.

Regardless of marriage, being happy...

You sleep with him, go out on dates with him and stay over at his place. But you and him are not exclusive. You hide your feelings and lie about how where your heart is. You feel aimless and lost. Your personal life is complicated, and so is your love life.

You like the idea of falling in love more than being in a relationship. You feel that dating is work and no one can catch your attention.

You view dating as a means to an end. Rather than getting to know him first, you immediately want a relationship status. You unconsciously want to sabotage your own happiness.

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