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Real air hostess


I interviewed 3 people who are working as a cabin crew and asked them questions regarding The Real Life of a Flight Real air hostess. When I returned home to Canada I knew I wanted a job where I could keep traveling and interacting with people from different cultures.

And I love airplanes! It seems like we are right all along that travelling is one of the reasons why flight attendants decided to be on this field. Personally, I love flying but I hate landing. Being a flight attendant would be the death of me. Despite that Jonas of Etihad only been working for a year now, he enjoyed every moment of it since he left his apartment to work in this field. Real air hostess

Same as any other jobs in the world, being a cabin crew has also advantages and disadvantages. Emma, Kate and Jonas agreed that the best advantage is to travel for free, having the opportunity to experience the local life during lay overs, discounts and privileges when deciding to fly out of working time.

While Real air hostess disadvantages are the erratic and unexpected changing of schedule due to unavoidable reasons. Misconception of the job is another disadvantage, because the passenger thinks that they can ask Real air hostess cabin crews to do anything, whereas flight attendants are there for safety purposes in the first place.

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You flight attendants are a doctor, a firefighter, a special person who can take care of the passengers while they are at ft in the air. Airline service is a hour service.

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I wonder Real air hostess the schedule of flight attendant looks like is. Domestic flights can be just day trips or sometimes day trips where we can go anywhere coast to coast. Lay overs took 10 hours sometimes, depending on your schedule and location said Kate. When I was in college, I have friends who are taking Tourism Management and hoping to be Real air hostess flight attendant one day.

Most of them are talking about weight maintenance and good dental records. There used to be rules like that, but over the years the profession has changed a lot.

I did have to pass a medical exam when I was first hired. Considering the environment we work in, I believe it is important to be healthy and physically fit but it is not a company requirement. In my airline, they are not too strict about the crew getting married.

Sometimes a crew comes back from day offs and married already! As for having kids, when we reach 3 years of service, we get to take 6 months unpaid leave. But if we reach 5 years "Real air hostess" service, we can take 1 year unpaid leave. Dental maintenance is wise option, again not strict. Some girls wear braces in my airline. Keeping a good social life Real air hostess be tricky because of the schedule. Interactions are limited to housemates and the crew I get to fly with.

And we do have curfews. I keep in touch with my family through the internet. And when I go home for my day offs, I spend it with my loved ones. Passengers are obviously major thing that a cabin crew has to deal with. I asked Emma, Kate and Jonas for the weirdest thing a passenger ever asked them. He wanted to smoke. I ask Real air hostess what I did. We get to stay in nice hotels on layovers.

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