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I love you when you sing that song lyrics


How can you use the power of music to your advantage in language learning? Learn a song in your target language. Here's how to do that. Otherwise you risk getting sick of it and losing motivation. Plus, we remember the songs we enjoy even more because those are the songs we listen to I love you when you sing that song lyrics often!

How do you find a song? Googling the top charts in the country that speaks your target language: Even better, write the search in your target language. Or, if you have a friend who speaks your target language, ask them.

If you want to challenge yourself, choose a fast rap song. Listen to the song on repeat until you start dreaming about it.

Your subconscious picks up a lot more than you think. What percentage of those lyrics can you sing along to without thinking? Probably more than you realise. Listen to it at the gym, in the car on your way to work, or even set it as your alarm clock. Humans remember songs more than addresses, names, or definitions. Songs stick in our head because of their rhythm and rhyme.

1. Pick a Song in...

Most people love listening to the their favourite songs over and over again. Translating the lyrics to your song gives it meaning and makes it easier to remember. If you want to go the extra mile, before you use a dictionary, try to write a out summary of the lyrics. Does it tell a story?

Riptide Songtext

Putting the lyrics in your own words will help you remember it better. Remember, you get out what you put in. So taking short cuts here will only hurt you. Instead, memorise a few lines at a time. Start with the easiest part, perhaps the chorus, bridge, or the most memorable lines.

Most songs will have a similar format.

Ähnliche Songtexte

Some may be simpler, consisting of just two verses and choruses. Then go back and memorise the rest of the song in order.

That means one week on the chorus, one week on the bridge, and one week on each verse. Little and often is the key! But, you can make it easier on yourself by letting the lyrics come to you. My favourite strategy for this is to write out the lyrics and tape them on the wall in my bathroom. How many times a day do you look at your phone? These are lyrics for a Vietnamese song that took me over a month to finally memorise. Another way you can practice this is by trying to write the lyrics out.

Another memory trick is to connect song lines to each other using signposts. To remember this, create an image in your mind of a girl sitting in a tree. A great way to do this is by looking on YouTube for karaoke versions of the song. Practice out loud, just try not to wake the neighbours!