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Anti-homosexuality legislation


Museveni has been under pressure from the donor community, several of whom enacted aid cuts in response to the passing of the law in February His trip this week to Washington for the U.

Their victory demonstrates the power of "Anti-homosexuality legislation" actors and the courts in promoting social and legal change. This path to social change in Uganda — through the time, energy and sacrifice of key individuals and organizations, together with the power of the law — is no different than the path to social change in the United States. The protection of rights, especially minority rights, often comes on the back of legal rulings, sometimes even before the general Anti-homosexuality legislation supports these rights.

The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, was...

Recent research "Anti-homosexuality legislation" Rebecca Kreitzer, Allison Hamilton and Caroline Tolbert has found that anti-discriminatory legislation can directly shift public opinion to be more supportive of same-sex rights.

Activists and scholars worry that despite recent progress on same-sex rights in places like the United States, countries elsewhere Anti-homosexuality legislation most notably in Africa, but also Russia and India — are experiencing backsliding. Rather than thinking of gay rights as present or absent, a continuum may better represent the extent to which the rights of the LGBT community are being protected as well as the Anti-homosexuality legislation attitudes toward homosexuality within society.

Expanding the protection and promotion of rights, including same-sex rights, is an iterative and not necessarily linear process. Advocacy and strategic litigation can result in key legal decisions that protect rights, and these rulings in turn can affect public opinion, followed by further public support of subsequent anti-discriminatory policy. In the United States, landmark cases in the promotion of same-sex rights include One Inc. OlesenRomer v. EvansUnited "Anti-homosexuality legislation" v.

District Court and appeal dismissed by the U. Supreme Court demonstrated all too clearly. If we look at attitudes toward homosexuality over time using opinion polls, we find that it can take decades for attitudes to shift.

Further, negative attitudes toward homosexuality sometimes increase before they decrease.

GENEVA (24 February ) -...

In South Korea, for example, one of the countries with the longest record of opinion polling on the topic, opposition to homosexuality, again, as measured by the percentage of respondents who say homosexuality is never justifiable, Anti-homosexuality legislation from 60 percent in to 90 percent in before declining again. In South Africa too, Anti-homosexuality legislation sentiment increased before declining.

Meanwhile, in the U. Likewise, same-sex rights ultimately may be adopted far more quickly in countries like Uganda than they were in the United States. The urgent question for minority rights activists around the world is, how can the pace of rights promotion and protection be increased.

It is not clear that sanctions on governments enacting anti-homosexuality legislation speed up the process of rights promotion, though they might.

Rather than threats and sanctions, Mwenda advocates for diplomacy on the basis of mutual interests. This course of action relies heavily on the judiciary branch, but as the case of Uganda has shown, such a strategy can be effective even in countries where the executive branch wields considerable power. Civil society actors and activists can also work in tandem with more progressive members of parliament and the executive Anti-homosexuality legislation quietly support policy and legal reform.

These partners in government can play a critical role in reducing the likelihood that government appeals the court ruling Anti-homosexuality legislation that a new law is brought to parliament.

So too will Anti-homosexuality legislation growing number of LGBT individuals who openly identify as such, increasing the number of Ugandans who have friends, family and acquaintances whom they know are gay or lesbian.

It is through the efforts of individuals like Opiyo and the other petitioners, at no small cost either personally or professionally, that countries like Uganda will continue to move along the continuum of the protection and promotion of civil liberties and rights for all.

The post Anti-homosexuality legislation copied below. She tweets at dadakim. The Walter Reed Project raid highlights challenges to U.

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