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Mature lady with some beautiful high arches!


Click up your heels. Answer Angel Ellen tackles questions about feet and their stylish coverings. Dear Answer Angel Ellen: How do women walk in 4-inch stilettos? Every time I try on a heel more than 2 inches high I feel like I'm pitching forward.

Every young woman I know who wears those things insists they are comfortable.

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Do men really find stiletto heels sexy? To me they look like torture devices, not attractive and certainly not sexy. Any sign of this trend fading away? Dear Not a Fan: Thankfully, we're seeing more flat shoes especially lace-up Oxfords in fashion magazines, on blogs and on the runway. That said, stilettos are going to remain popular because many people men and women find them sexy.

Wearing them, "Your calf muscles are contracted so they get more defined. Stilettos also lengthen the leg," says podiatrist Marlene Reid.

What's Ailing You?

In short, yup, they make your legs look sexier than flats, wedges or kitten heels. I tell them just wait till your early 30s. They can cause all kinds of problems, like stress fractures.

They're not good for people. You're going to wear down the padding at the ball of the foot, and it can never come back. And that, my friends, is not sexy. I have heard the optimum shoe for foot comfort and support is a 2-inch wedge. A 2-inch wedge is fine but not optimum, Reid told me. Two-and-a-half inches is the maximum. A stiletto is both higher and skinnier, so there's more chance of falling off your shoes.

I read somewhere that flats are not a good idea if you walk a lot. Most of those cute ballet flats are poorly constructed and don't have any support.

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If you want to wear them for long walks, buy versions that don't easily bend in half, Mature lady with some beautiful high arches! when you squeeze the heel it should feel somewhat firm.

This advice will be lost on virtually all young women who choose cute over all else. And so did I, once upon a time. My 8-year-old has inherited her mother's horrible foot odor problem. It was bad but bearable when she was younger, but the older she gets, the worse it gets.

I'm talking about putting shoes outside to air out, so the smell does not stay in the house! Obviously winter is worse than summer; but even summer with sandals is bad.

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Is there anything we can do to combat this? I can't imagine how she will be teased when she has to change shoes for PE class. Any help at all will be appreciated. Podiatrist Reid told me that sweaty feet aren't necessarily smelly feet. Reid recommends Mycomist, available online at widely differing prices so shop around. Spray inside shoes or boots, put them in a tightly sealed plastic bag for 24 hours, then air them out for 24 to 48 hours. Another alternative is an ultraviolet light called shUVee created for this purpose.

My friend uses a wheelchair but still retains her sense of style! But her feet often swell and many of the shoes that feel good look plain ugly.

She's attending a June wedding and has a fabulous shimmery dress picked out, but finding appropriate footwear that's comfortable for her feet and looks snazzy has been a challenge. I've got just the thing for your stylish friend. They're shiny and fashionable in a Zsa Zsa kind of a way, and they come in four widths from narrow to extra wide.

I found them on zappos.