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Lucy has two friends. Their names are Helen and Mina. Mina is 35, and single… technically.

If you need Online dating bloggers recap on all of that, start here, or find Online dating bloggers what happened last week here. Lucy and Ben… View Post. The Textlationship, Part 6 — Curveball More than six months ago, Lucy got into a weird text relationship with a guy named Ben. But before they could actually meet, Ben found a girlfriend, and then Lucy fucked off to Kenya, and so they became WhatsApp textpals instead.

And they remained remote text buddies until Ben broke… View Post. Brad won her over with his twinkly smile and his strings of heart-eyed emojis, asked her to be his girlfriend, then did a U-turn faster than Nigel Farage the day after the Brexit vote and decided he… View Post.

The dating world is an etiquette minefield. What photos should I use?

Dating Blogs: The ultimate rank

How soon should I reply? Who picks the venue? What should I wear? How do I escape if he turns out to be a twat? To help answer some of these questions, Micro… View Post. And everything was unicorns and rainbows and skipping hand-in-hand through meadows of wildflowers until last weekend, when she and Brad had a disagreement… View Post.

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This, in… View Post. If you… View Post.

Dating Blogs

Names and some minor details have been changed to protect the innocent. And sometimes the guilty. Mr No-Relationship, Part 13 — Meltdown. The One With Long …. The One with the …. Friends With Benefits, Part 5 — ….

The Textlationship, Part 3 — Feelings. Mr No-Relationship, Part 11 — Fight. Mr Monday, Part 2 — Arrival. The Textlationship, Part Online dating bloggers — Curveball.

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The Geography Teacher, Part 4 — …. The Married Man, Part 2 — …. Mr Monday, Part 3 — Satisfaction. The Banter King, Part 1 — ….

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