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Dating a man with a criminal record


I think everyone deserves a second chance and their potential to change or to HAVE changed already should be acknowledged. We all make mistakes, they just happened to be a bit overboard and happened to get caught.

In other words, a rapist murderer sex offender is not quite on my bucket list, but in some cases, why not give it a try if it doesn't potentially endanger you in particular. I don't think I'd even be friends with someone who would drink and drive, no matter whether they got caught or not. Otherwise, no, I wouldn't date a cheater or felon of any kind.

Driving a vehicle after drinking isn't a mistake, it's a potentially lethal flaw of character.

If you had kids and...

I'm not friends with people who start bar fights either. I'm in a position to choose friends and lovers carefully, so I do.

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So if I was convinced beyond doubt, yes, but without extensive, compelling proof, I wouldn't. It's only common sense.

I would never consider dating someone with a criminal history including a DUI. Driving drunk shows a great deal of stupidity and disregard for the safety of others. I once dated a girl who admitted to me she was declared legally insane.

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