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Jumong song ji hyo dating


And, yeah, a bickering couple cuffed together the less intentional, the better always makes me laugh. As you might tell from these stills, they get off to a rocky start; they find each other irritating but have to put up with repeated run-ins, clashing all the while.

Song Il-kookSong Ji-hyo. Your email address will not be published. I like that Song Il Jumong song ji hyo dating gained his weight back! He was really hot in his last drama with the 6-pack abs and all but I prefer him with a body like the pic above! If i remember correctly, they were never romantic in Jumong. Rather than a cute or passionate love, they had a relationship of trust, respect, and affection.

Jumong is a South Korean...

So I don't remember much chemistry but their roles didnt really call for any. Gary has a quite some competition there. And yes, Jumong and her character were never romantic.

Song Ilkook looks badass!! The sex isn't real, of course but nowadays they don't really use body double anymore especially for films that require some sex and nudity. Apart from the sex scenes, the movie was fantastic. Wow all u guys posts are really hilarious,hmm how can u pple be saying he lved her not the other,dey are just doing Jumong song ji hyo dating dey are passionate for not adding their emotional life to it,so dey just hve to do their best to mke d movie a good one,so even if dey fall in love in the movie dat is wat dey where asked to act not wat dey feel,so pls stop matching couples in movie,kudos to song ji hyo nd song ll kook,pls do ur best in life nd follow ur instincts.

So if you're a kid and saying that that movie is. Haha might as well not have watched the movie at all if you were going to have that opinion, i mean read the synopsis first before watching it.

Fast forwarding sex scenes, but man oh man, doing that is like fast forwarding half of the movie because there were just so much of it. Storyline was interesting and great acting but yah, gay scene for me had to be fast forwarded. Wasn't interested in Song Ji Hyo's character in Jumong nor Goong before honestly thought she was a weak actress Jumong song ji hyo dating, but after Frozen Flower, I've changed my mind.

Song Ji Hyo appears on...

And after watching her in Running Man, she sure is funny and strong. Love the Monday Couple too hehe. Skipped his A Man Called God he looked soooo anorexic in that because wasn't feeling the story. Hope this drama does well. But I love that she's able to come back to TV after so long and I am most definitely going to watch this because of her.

Seeing her first in Goong and then "naekid" in Frozen flower was quite unexpected - same goes for her male partners. Other than the graphic scenes, what I liked and remembered the most in this forgettable movie and its WTF ending, was the "Sword dance" with the drums.

Too bad that they were mixed with said intimate scenes. Couldn't help but Jumong song ji hyo dating French references in her outfit, with "Je t'aime" e.

Jumong couple back together for...

I love you on her sweater, and her grey Tee bears a Gallic rooster, a national symbol of France, and the design of Le Coq Sportifa French clothing company. Dunno about the pants nor the shoes, tho.

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