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Eungdapara is a South Korean television series that centers on the lives of six friends in Busanas the timeline moves back and forth between their past as year-old high schoolers in and their present as year-olds at their high school reunion dinner inwhere one couple will announce that they're getting married.

The first installment Eunji in guk dating games the Reply series, it also portrays the extreme fan culture that emerged in the s when first generation idol groups such as H. The last episode recorded the highest ratings Eunji in guk dating games the time for a Korean cable drama, [5] and the series has garnered praise from audiences and critics for being well-researched, refreshing, genuine, and full of humor and heart.

T and her 5 high school friends. As a teen, Shi Won was obsessed with a boy band. Now 33 years old, Shi Won and her friends are reviving their memories as their school reunion nears. The series originally aired live on cable channel tvN in 16 episodes 14 minute episodes aired back-to-back over a period of 7 weeks, with the last 2 episodes aired separately and lasting 1 hour each due to the amount of material the staff didn't want to edit out. This drama served as the acting debut of Jung Eun-ji.

The '90s-set drama didn't have an original soundtrack of its own since a huge aspect of the show's mood is set with era-specific music, one of its defining characteristics. It also included a mini photobook and a behind-the-scenes DVD.

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The show has been credited for its laser-sharp attention to detail, re-creating the late '90s with an accuracy that has fans singing its praises. It was also a digital success, receiving more than a million hits after it was made available for downloading and streaming on internet and mobile site Tving.

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This was attributed to the fact that Reply had aired on a cable network pay television channelsuch that several viewers were unable to watch it live. With majority of Korean Eunji in guk dating games shot in the capital Seoulanother of the show's charms is its Eunji in guk dating games setting, which is treated in a matter-of-fact way as a locale.

The realism is aided by the fact that much of the principal cast is actually from the region, who speak with authentic Gyeongsang dialect. The dialogue also uses time-specific, location-specific slang. But '90s nostalgia and meticulous attention to detail is only part of the show's appeal. And its smart, witty way of addressing the growing pains of its adolescent cast makes it just as relevant in the present as it was back in the late-'90s setting of its primary plot.

Audiences have lauded the show's intimacy and realism, with a sincerity that connects with people — even those outside that particular generation.

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A novelization was published in January It also included minutes of exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, a blooper reel, [74] as well as commentary from the director and actors. The show was said to have sparked the " retro " trend in South Korea and the media and cultural commentators have noted an increased interest in the pop culture of the s after the show aired. Eunji in guk dating games members Moon Hee-joon and Tony An joined two other members of fellow first-generation groups in filming their own variety show Handsome Boys of the 20th Centurywhich Moon called the "reality-variety show version of Reply ".

SSechs Kies and H. T after over a decade of inactivity or disbandment.

Another series from the same writer and director, Reply was produced in Set in a college campus, it follows the pop culture events of that year, including the emergence of seminal K-pop group Seo Taiji and Boys and the basketball craze of the era. It also starred Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwabut as different characters.

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A second spin-off, Replyaired in Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa again joined the cast. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reply Promotional poster. NA as blind date ep 15 Bae Da-hae as Yoon-je's colleague and drinking buddy ep Reply and Reply Retrieved 18 November It's All About Empathy". After Character Comes Chemistry ".

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