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Relationship advice hookup a married man


And yet there are singles still in search of the OPP this holiday season. Ashley Madison even encourages it. So what drives someone without a legal attachment to seek out someone who is?

For Tammy, 36, from New York, it was all about breaking the rules.

She had an affair with her married coworker, even though their company discouraged it. It was just so hot that it was forbidden to hook up in the workplace," she says. When another cooworker finally told Tammy, 36, the guy had a wife, that turned her on even more. The two had sex in an empty office one afternoon. They're both dumb and living happily ever after. We flirted a lot, and one day, I garnered enough courage to ask her to come over and watch a movie. We started fooling around and one thing led to another That was good enough for me.

Perhaps the best advice you...

They continued the affair for a year and a half. She never got the divorce, and actually lives with her husband. Greg got involved with another married woman shortly after his first fling. The sex was good, but not great enough for me to risk the husband finding out.

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