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Tell a woman

Many women are constantly worried...

Tell her as soon as you are Tell a woman that you're not interested. You don't want to delay the inevitable, or give her the wrong impression. Make it private, but choose a neutral location.

If you're telling her in person, do it in a location where you can easily leave - a public place that's not overly crowded, such as a bench at the park, or a short walk outside. DON'T do it at your place, because it's always harder to get someone else to leave than to leave yourself. Tell her quickly, and tell her the truth. It doesn't have to be a long conversation. Say something like "Look, there's something I want to tell you.

I'm really flattered that you like me, and I feel uncomfortable saying this, but I don't have those feelings for you. Give her some time to have her feelings about it, but don't get into talking about "Why" you're not interested. The truth is, your reasons are not important - if Tell a woman aren't interested, you aren't interested.

Anything you say can lead to hurt feelings, Tell a woman isn't likely to go over well. Simply stick with a very simple statement that it just 'wasn't a match,' or that she's a very nice person, but you don't want to be in a relationship with her.

Offer what help you can. Hopefully, you haven't been seeing her for very long - "Tell a woman" people who realize they aren't interested in pursuing a relationship do so quickly. If there's a specific problem, such as that she was too clingy too quickly, you might find a tactful way to say so, and that will help her in the future. Something like, Tell a woman was just too much too soon for me. What is important is that I don't want to pursue this relationship.

I'm sorry, you're a very nice person, but it's not a match for me. As soon as she's had time to express her sadness or anger, simply say that it's time for you to go, and wish her the best. Make it a clean break. It's really important not to lead her on and say things that might lead her to think that there's a chance some day.

No two women are the...

Some people think this is a way of breaking the news gently or "letting her down easy," but it's much better to deal with reality. Women who have fallen hard will hold onto any shred of hope and will not move on as long as you allow them to believe there is any.

Cut it off clean - "Tell a woman" the kindest cut of all.

Always speak well of her to others, or not at all. Gossiping, or bad mouthing another person never leads to anything positive. If anyone asks, just tell them "It didn't work out.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not Tell a woman question Bad question Other. Tips Know that any feelings that come up for you or her are normal and healthy. You don't need to rescue her from her sadness. Be clear and direct in your communication, while also being kind. Do have some compassion for the fact that her feelings may have been more extreme than yours, and allow for some upset.

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