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Que fue el tratado de tordesillas yahoo dating


No necesita torturar ni maltratar animal alguno. Cualquiera puede venir y observar que el toro no sufre ni es maltratado. El animal no deja de correr huyendo del acoso, hasta que finalmente se detiene moribundo. Lo han matado igualmente. Encuadro de nuevo la escena.

Aumento la densidad de negros para aislar algunos detalles y las luces. Dusk in August, warm and calm day.

In Leon we have some advantages: The city is crossed by two rivers and get a delicious cover for the price of a drink. We have long-established customs and tradition, but all valuable culturally and socially acceptable, healthy and almost all without any problem admit the presence of children.

Exceptions to that children are not present, are for some other celebration not recommended for minors by you reason very simple: One of the celebrations that most people concentrate is precisely the least suitable for children: He has not yet managed to bring together a hundred years and more than 20, in It is the oldest, but has managed to deeply rooted.

No need to torture or mistreat any animal. No stupid risks involved as it could be a bull cornease you. In addition it does not control any political at least for now. Burial Procession that runs along similar image to the streets with lights and similar environments. Tordesillas is an example of a town with people who have not managed to evolve socially in celebration of their festivals.

Today, on the tumultuous murder Rompesuelas a bull aged Que fue el tratado de tordesillas yahoo datingit has been seen in the regional news of Castilla and Leon, the statements of three local people defending the cruel event:. It has been held since long we need not stop to celebrate.

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We are celebrating it for years. Here we not mistreat the bull. Anyone can come and see that the bull does not suffer or is mistreated. The bull is released through the streets of the town beset by many people who are bringing up a meadow outside the town, which the locals call euphemistically "Field of Honor" but anyone with a minimum of sensitivity would call "The Field of Horror".

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Once there, dozens of horsemen with spears of more than 50 centimeters, chasing the bull by the prairie, sometimes multiple stabbing spears, where right and wrong hits the lancer, in any part of your body.

The animal continues to run fleeing from harassment, until it finally stops dying.

At that time, a person is responsible for sticking a knife into the base of his skull to try to definitively kill, which in Spain is called "giving the lace. If the tournament is not declared invalid by any of its strange, absurd and cruel rules, a winner of the "Tournament", who will be given the testicles and tail of the bull be appointed; there will be the amputee, as mentioned, sometimes still alive.

Tordesillas warrant as a party with deep roots and tradition. The Spanish Que fue el tratado de tordesillas yahoo dating, both state of the autonomous region and the town itself does not strive to educate the population of this village in the values of advanced societies.

They do not help them to think and drive more value to their cultural and celebrations alternatives, alternatives not based on suffering, or torture, or death.

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One might think maliciously that what really matters for political leaders is that these people are brutalized as possible, which is a set of votes easy harvest. Animal associations have proposed to hold a musical event in Tordesillas national draft and several days, the "RockInVega"; not convinced.

Historically women have played major role in that town: It is an ideal place to extol the female figure in these times of persistent gender violence and so forever forget the celebrations of death, pain and torture. They can also hold negotiations between Castile and Portugal in the Treaty of Tordesillas. But there is no way, there is a foolish effort to maintain a bloody tradition of the Middle Ages, those in which the counts were celebrating weddings with guests from high pedigree cattle and dropping into the river for fun or conducting a tournament of a bull Lancer.

The Regionalist Union of Castile and Leon, among other associations, defends the cruel slaughter and maintains that they are the inhabitants of Tordesillas themselves who must decide whether to continue celebrating the event. When animal abuse in the celebration, when no fun to torture, pain and "Que fue el tratado de tordesillas yahoo dating," should not be the executor of such atrocities which must decide whether to continue or not perpetrated the outrage.

They must be those with sensible and consistent Que fue el tratado de tordesillas yahoo dating the times which must apply the laws affect, or create if not any, so that these practices are not met at present reasoning. But our political class, most of it steeped in characters of Mediocre Look, prefer the votes at the expense of the blood and pain: Voter fun, even with blood!.

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